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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Work in the Dark with Cordless Drills

When man did not want to stop and wanted to work even in the absence of light and electricity, he evolved wireless drill machine. When you buy a cordless drill you are sure of not trailing 20 or 30 meters of electronic cable across a building, with all the confusion and danger that it comes with. Cordless drill comes with a lot of advantages:
a.    Trouble Free Work: Cordless drill can reach areas like inside cupboards, under sink, high on floors, walls and such other areas, where cable drill can be of great inconvenience.
b.    Built-in Work Light: One of the greatest advantages is that cordless drills come with an inbuilt LED work light and it can reach upto areas where light do not reach properly or rural areas where there is always a problem of no electricity. It is easily used to work in dark areas.
c.    Battery Life and Spare Battery: Cordless drills come with 2 batteries for maximum use at a time. Charging time for batteries are 3-4 hours and can be used upto 5-6 hours of continuous work. So, if one battery runs out and second are under work, first can be put on charge again and work can be continued without delay. There are 2 types of batteries available Ni-Cd which is Nickel Cadmium batteries and other is Li-Ion, Lithium Ion batteries. Li-Ion batteries are more expensive than Ni-Cd batteries as they come with shorter charging time. They need to be charged for 15-20 minutes instead of 2-3 hours of charging Ni-Cd batteries.
d.    Penetrating Power: Cordless drill comes with hammer action. It comes with a mechanism that revolves the chuck thousands of times a minute and adds penetrating power to the bit. Hammer action mechanism can penetrate tough materials such as concrete also.
e.    Increased Torque: They come with different levels of torque. Toque is defined as the twisting power. Rotating the handle of the drill clockwise or anti-clockwise produces a turning force that loosens or tightens the nut or bolt and helps to gain control over the drilling and the machine.
f.     Versatility: Cordless drills perform more functions than just drilling. Many of these drills come with drilling kit with different drill bits. Some have keyless SDS chucks which helps into drilling into masonry, metals and concrete. Some have kits that include a set of screwdriver heads too so that drill can be used as a screwdriver in different circumstances and requirements.          

Electric drills made the jobs easier and cordless drills have made them easiest. Without worrying about electricity, light, the job can be performed smoothly without hassles and delay.